Sunday, February 7, 2016

Go Your Own Way

Dear Littler Me,

It's Superbowl Sunday here in 2016, so you know what that means. ABSOLUTELY nothing. The same old thing is going on here in my house. I will say though, I have yet to roll my butt out of bed. I also have the hubby home today (the 1 day a week usually) and he actually served me coffee in bed. I know better than to push for breakfast. Not a good set up to my day imaging what our tiny kitchen would look like after the whole thing. Fifteen years ago you can tolerate the images knowing its the kids but when you become me, imagining the same at the hands of a grown man are a whole different thing.

Writing to you on a Sunday is sometimes difficult because I'm not alone at home and can't blare my music and  "do my thing". So here I am trolling through Google (which I told you about weeks ago) trying to determine which memory I can tell you about today. My computer screen is littered with pictures of PacMan, Culture Club, neon (which you don't wear) and Big Hair (which I'm so glad you don't have).

There is so much of the "this is the 80's" that even though you are living right now through it, you really never took part in.  So, what Did you do? I can tell you that pretty soon you are going to have a week vacation from school for ditching school and sneaking out to a concert in East Hanover. You are going to think you got away with it but.... Sorry kid. Maybe if you can keep your friend from watching MTV in front of her father you might not get in trouble but fat chance of that happening. The concert will be well worth it though so I won't tell you with who and which one.

I can also tell you that you are going to hang out in places you never thought you would and become part of things you could never imagine.  Not every day is going to be fun, not every day is going to be dull. I can promise you at the end of it all when you become me reflecting on where you've been you are going to have one thought.

Damn it was great!

Before you know it you will be me and it feels almost like you have had barely the time to blink in between being you and becoming me. Even the hard days you will look back on and be thankful for where they have brought you. I guess my biggest advice today for you dear younger me is drink it all in and make it your own. Keep doing what you are doing kid. You will be glad you did.


Awe. Coffee in bed. That was sweet of him!

Great post and such an awesome message to yourself.


I've always wanted to write a letter to my younger self. Thanks for the inspiration!

Thanks Krystle! He is an amazing man. Years of paying it forward for this one!

Thanks Alexis! I love your blog as well. Thanks for sharing the link. Very uplifting. Just my style. :-)

Thank you Femi. Do it! You'd be surprised how much fun it is!

Thank you Dee for the kind words. :-)

Since she won't tell you which one auntie will. It brings a lot of joy and memories to your life and also to your *cough hard* older friends. Your eyes light up every time you tell this story so I know how much it means that you go see The .........

Haha, it was a hell of a concert! 9 big names playing and 1 overly nosey MTV camera crew. And you have to be older than me, I'm still 18 aren't I?

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