Thursday, January 21, 2016

Soar Without Fear....

Dear Littler B,

I'm sitting here listening to my music and staring outside at the snow gently coming down trying to decide what to write to you today about. Sitting next to our puppy and drinking my third cup of coffee. Yes, you will drink copious amounts of coffee before noon to get your ass in gear. The good thing is coffee has gotten much better over the years. It's almost become a science. It's not like that coffee that they serve in that cafeteria machine although I know you like that crap.  Nor is it like the swill Mom & Dad make with the skim milk. Have they switched to skim yet? It seems when people get a certain age they all the sudden think they can make changes and wipe out all the bad crap they put into their body all along. Don't believe the hype. You should be making those changes now. Quit going down to the store every morning with that friend of yours just before school so you can sneak smokes and get your regular breakfast of Reese's cups and Jolt Cola. Get a jump on it. Early bird and all that crap.

I know you read all that as coffee...blah blah blah... PUPPY!!!! Yes, you have a puppy. He is several years old right now even though I call him a puppy. I know you are in love with those two Alaskan Malamutes in the house over by Gwen's but you might as well love them from afar because after several years of trying you are going to do the unthinkable and fall in love with a little yap yap dog.  He's going to be your best friend and know just how to treat you no matter what your mood.

In her defense (Older you, younger me) he does not yap at all and he is not annoying like most.  It was one of those love at first sight situations, she couldn't help it.  It was a 50/50 shot, could have gone either way because when she first saw him he was sleeping.  I'm not going to tell you where and when, space time continuum and all that rot. This is one of the things I'd thank you not to screw up. :-) I know you don't know what the heck :-) is but you will use it often. Tilt your head to the left slightly, it will make sense.

I know the last couple letters I've been trying not to shoot down being "grown up". There is a lot you are going to miss, but there is a lot you have to look forward to as well. You know those things you love to do right now? Well listen to you several years down the road and older than even Mom is right now, there is only one of those things that is going to remain constant - your family (well, your baby blanket too. You may have aged 25 years but you still sleep with it every night, but so does Kari so you obviously are not that off your rocker).  I hate to say it but you are going to have to suck it up, change is inevitable. 

Don't be afraid to change. I know you like I know myself (yes that was a joke dumb ass, I know you are myself). You are the kind of girl that likes change on the outside but not one that lets go on the inside. It's going to burn you up more than a few times. Mom's favorite analogy is that you are like a bird that soars high and then free falls in a spiral because you don't know when to catch the next wind. You will be afraid to let go of relationships you are not willing to admit are bad, ideas you are sure will pan out if you just work harder, things that you think you can't live without.

If I could save you the pain, I would but you are stubborn. You would probably rush head on into something I warned you against just because authority is not your bag baby (you'll get that phrase in a couple years too). Then again, maybe I won't because it makes you who I am today. I will however tell you that several times in your life you are going to lose everything you have and at the time you will think every thing you are. You WILL come out of it on the other side, I promise. I wouldn't be here writing to you today if you didn't. What you will come to learn is that things are just things, you are stronger than you think you are and more importantly it's who goes through it with you and is there on the other side that matters.

Don't be afraid to soar because you are expecting that impending spiral. Some of your best memories are going to be of those times. The times you flew and believe it or not the times you fell.

Confidently yours,

Bigger Little B

Daddy's Little Girl/Butterfly Kisses - Faith Hill & Tim McGraw
Fancy - Reba
Dixie Chicks - Long Time Gone
Dixie Chicks - Sin Wagon
Metallica - One
Metallica - Turn The Page
Megan Trainor - All About That Bass
Bon Jovi - It's My Life
Metallica - Whiskey in the Jar
Metallica - Nothing Else Matters
Kiss - Beth
Linkin Park - I Tried So Hard
LoverBoy - Heaven in your Eyes
Lynard Skynard - Sweet Home Alabama
Mischief Brew - Watching Scotty Die
Lynard Skynard - Free Bird


  1. I always love these posts of yours! Such great context , It is funny how we change over the years isn't it! By the way, so glad to see Metallica Nothing else Maters on your list, it is my fave song of all time!

    1. Thanks Steff! If I make just 1 person smile my job is done. :-) Nothing Else Matters is my favorite too! Took me 42 years but when I finally decided to learn the guitar it was my first song.