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M is for Mugwort...

Dear Littler B,

Here we are half way through the A to Z Challenge and I am actually TWO days ahead with this letter. Imagine that. Queen of procrastinators has gotten a jump on a deadline for two days in a row! I couldn't have done it without the help of my best friend and some powerful medication prescribed to the man who will be your husband to lower his blood pressure and deal with all of the happy horse pucky side effects of his stroke I told you about in Message of Love I also thought getting ahead a few days will allow me to pack and move into the car as our only option due to our FUND RAISER not going the way we hoped it would.

So here we are midway with...

 is for Mugwort

Origin & Identification

Mugwort is also known as a form of Artemesia (No not Micky D's Nonna). I am making that known now because of the first "Practical Uses" thing I mention below.

Mugwort will be easy for you to identify because you will grow it for a period of time. Since you are not to 2003 yet, lets get on with it.

This plant grows from Canada to Florida so it will be easy to find for you when you are not buying it to plant in the garden. You can also find this plant in Africa, Asia and Europe.  The leaves are unique and almost can be said to resemble elongated oak leaves.  If you flip them over however they are a MUCH lighter shade than the green of the top of the leaves. 

If you are looking to mix it in with your garden (which I know you will) keep in mind it can get up to 6 feet tall and 18 inches around. Make compensation for that. It will also flower from whites to brown (not that color coordinating is your thing, but someone else might trip on this letter and want to try it)

Practical Uses

This plant is in the same family as wormwood (which are both strains of the same family you will grow). These are the strain of plants known to be the active ingredient in the alcohol absinthe. You know what that means my dear sheltered younger me. HEADS UP! CAUTION! I'm glad you won't learn about this until after 1998 because it is NOT something for those who are pregnant. The reason for this is that it increases blood-flow, especially to the uterine area.

By Eric Litton - Own work,
CC BY-SA 2.5,

Mugwort is known in China, Japan and Korea to be an anti-herpetic. (Don't worry, I didn't know what that was until I looked it up. Essentially it means NO HERPES (ala Eddie Murphy, simplex 10 or otherwise.) They also use it to flavor foods, wonder if that's where the phrase "they be trippin" came from? You might not have heard that one yet, but hang tight a few years and you will.

Not only is this an ancient Asian medicine for herpes, they were known to put it on acupuncture needles to aid in healing because of the moxibustion. They even process and use it in Japan in varying levels shown below for various chronic issues such as pain.

Like another herb mentioned in a letter a few days ago, I will bet you didn't know that before hops this was an active ingredient in beer made by the Native Americans? Imagine that night of holy creeping drunk?!?!

Metaphysical Uses of Mugwort

Mugwort is a feminine herb, associated with the planet Venus AND the Earth. It also has a dual goddess representation in Artemis and Diana.  Most prominently it is known for it's ability to open your Psychic Powers, Prophetic Dreams, and Astral Projection however being aligned with Artemis is also known for protection and strength. Heads up - knowing you will eventually follow the Druid path - Mugwort is one of the 9 herbs... nuf said to entice you to research.

Another SPOILER ALERT: You will be very broken hearted and souled by
Isaac's passing and will LOVE Phaedra for the amazing woman she is.

This one is a dangerous herb for you and even though you are great at growing it, I advise you use with caution. You are going to try it in tea form as well as smoking it once for meditation purposes in circle.  It is known for promoting lucid dreams because it opens the mind. You already have VERY LUCID dreams and have since you were young to the point that sometimes (as in fiction) you don't know which is more real. Add an herb like this and you are in for a doozy of a night - believe me. You haven't been there yet, but I have and you are going to regret it at times.

Can you say Mugwort Tea???? One time in circle and meditation group courtesy of a very wise woman Robin Rose Bennett (You are going to come to know and love her very much as your teacher!!!) a friend saw the embodiment of Eponia with her horse head shaking back and forth in an almost epileptic pace. This, I am guessing is the version of a bad meditation "trip" lol. (I told you many letters back, lol is my current decade's acronym for Laugh Out Loud)

Inicio projecao If you are not ready for a deep, peyote type spirit journey - don't try it. I will say however that there are times you are going to need this to find a higher understanding and purpose. Just don't do it alone. Drink the tea in a group, get understanding with someone you trust. It will open many doors into understanding for you, however it will scare the piss out of you at the same time.

I am actually going to end this letter here because I don't want to encourage you to try this one until you are really ready.  I hope I've given you enough to be curious and not enough to be too curious. I know at least you are not a risk taker and have never even tried marijuana or anything more potent that a fuzzy navel that one time.

Coming at you with feet firmly on the ground,

Bigger Little B

As usual I enjoyed the music of my play list with a special emphasis on Lennon & Maisy

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