Sunday, April 3, 2016

B is for Bladderwrack...

Dear Littler B,

Well, hello there from 2016. I'm sure the title of this letter got your attention. I can hear you know as if I were still you, "What in the holy creeping crap is bladderwrack????".  Well, as you know I am taking part in a writing challenge through the A to Z Challenge to write to you a letter each day according to the corresponding letter of the day.  This letter was supposed to be written about yesterday, however after Toby's stroke I have gotten a bit behind.  After this letter I will be caught up and will hopefully keep up from there.

The theme I have chosen to write to you about is something that you will go on years later (long ago for me) to teach so giving you the information now may help you get a jump on things. As I am now up to B, I have chosen something you are very familiar with having grown up on the shores of the Atlantic Ocean. It is also something that is readily available to you to study and stick in your book of "This I Know".

   Is for Bladderwrack...

Bladderwrack is something that every beach comber along the eastern seaboard is very familiar with. Kids pick it up and throw it at each other or spend time popping the bubbles that are formed in the middle of the leaves.  Before continuing on to the uses, take a look. It will be that "OOOHHH" moment for you once you see it.

Practical Uses for Bladderwrack

This weird and slimy muck that floats up out of the waves actually does have uses other than pushing into the sand next to your sand castles and pretending they are a forest. To get all sciency on you, the official name is Fucus Vesiculosus. (yeah, go ahead and laugh - even I 25 years older than you are did. It's actually said like THIS)

Bladderwrack like other forms of seaweed/kelp is actually high in iodine. (yep, that stuff mom used to put on your cuts) Iodine is a natural element that has many medicinal purposes, including when mixed with the proper amounts of alcohol makes a highly effective antiseptic.

While it is not exactly a great idea to sit and chew on, bladderwrack extracts made correctly are highly effective in helping with thyroid disorders so they are often suggested to use in controlling obesity, other thyroid issues and rheumatism. In certain quantities it can also be used as a laxative.

In addition to these perks, bladderwrack can also be used for various skin treatment (almost like an aloe of the sea). It helps in treating burns, as an antiseptic, and in powdered forms is often used in baths to rejuvenate and detoxify the skin. All this time I thought it was just one of mom's old wives tales to rub it on your leg when you got stung by a jellyfish!!!

Metaphysical Uses for Bladderwrack

Ok - the fun stuff, and it is fun because this is one of those for you that is as abundant as dandelions for others. Wait till you see what you can do with it all!

Bladderwrack to those in the use of this plant for the mystical purposes know it under many names. Some of my favorite names are "Sea Spirit" and "Sea Oak".  Coming from the ocean, the obvious element sea spirit is connected to is water and celestially the moon, as such it is a feminine plant. There are a plethora of uses in the magickal arena and is similar to a white candle or tofu as it attracts and takes on the essence of all elements when necessary.

You can carry this weed to increase psychic powers as well as to attract customers and opportunities for money to come your way.

Use particularly when summoning winds of change in your life. Imagine the embodiment of the cleansing waves of water it is ruled by washing over your situation as the winds of change coming blowing through you from the vastness of the ocean, pushing away that which you want to rid yourself of and imbuing you with your new intention.

I hope this information was informative and enjoyable! Heavens knows it was a good reminder for me. It sucks being so far inland that I can't get my hands on some fresh right about now.

Just as a sidebar - I really could use some winds of change blowing through my life and some opportunities to make money. Our situation has not yet changed and we are down to 3 more days before eviction after Toby's stroke. GoFundMe has not come close to paying for the rent and getting out of the hospital the day before rent is due after a month means we have no where else to turn.  Copious amounts of prayer and faith that something will go right just seems to be getting us no where.

Well anyway, I guess that's about all I have to say on this. I am all caught up on my challenge until tomorrow when I will figure out what to prepare you with that starts with C.  I already know what I'm going to talk about, but how to do do it in the least controversial way will be interesting.

Until then, hopefully a little more sage wisdom imbibed...

Bigger Little B.

My musical muse


  1. Bladder what's it! Lol. I'm REALLY going to enjoy seeing what you come up with daily on this challenge. (Littler me remember my name it becomes important later in life. I just wish I had known you then.) I still keep singing knit knack paddy whack!!!!

  2. I may only have an audience of 2 (you and me) but at least I know someone is learning something! We used to love this stuff on the beach as kids because the little "bladders" you could pop like bubble wrap. Wish I knew you then too! Funny my bff then was Heather and my bff now is Heather! Something told me early on...