Wednesday, April 13, 2016

J is for Jobs Tears...

Dear Littler B,

We are really getting through these letters quickly aren't we? I may be running a day late for this letter, but that is an improvement over 3 days late as the others have been. Yesterday was a run around day for me going to human services, housing authority about the situation at hand (SEE HERE) and the engineering department about the sidewalk that caused Toby to be somersaulted from his wheelchair the other day.  Without further ado, I am going to get on to my A to Z Challenge while I still have the ability to do so and while I still have an apartment to do so from.


is for Job's Tears

Origin & Identification

While Jobs tears are a South Asian grass, it has been brought into the lower United States successfully to be used mostly ornamental in gardening.  Guess what, you are in luck because in the year you are reading this letter it is known in New Jersey because it is a "wetland" plant. Go get some!!!  It is also known as the Chinese pearl barley or Cox. Jobs Tears grass is mostly grown as crops in Asia in areas where rice does not grow well.  Like marigolds, this plant once planted the first time will drop seeds and grow itself year after year in the right conditions.  The stalks can get to be about 3' tall.
Photo by Kurt Steuber taken from

The seeds by the Cherokee were known as "Indian Beads" or "Corn Beads" as the plant in the family as the standard corn we eat here in the United States.  The seeds dried are hard, small and round known to be used... well that's the next section.


Practical Uses of Jobs Tears

A lot of the folks here in the lower 48 use Jobs Tears mostly for making jewelry due to the seeds of this plant being spherical and dried become very hard and have a surface similar to a porcelain. You can find craft items on sites like Amazon and Etsy with all sorts of things from rosary beads to necklaces to purses.

If you've been reading my letters and know why we are trying to save our home I would love it if you could check out some of the amazing products through my Amazon Affiliate connection!

While these seeds are ideal for handmade projects in the decorative sense, some would never know how very many health benefits this grain fits in, including aiding the spleen, stomach, lungs, liver, and large intestine.  It is said that consumption of this grain may block cancer growth cells (Do your own research! Don't only go on mine via WebMD on this one!).

Jobs tears powdered or boiled, are used to create a drink in Korea named yulmu cha and in China as yi ren jiang and is consumed for its medicinal properties.  It is known to lower cholesterol, treat arthritis and toxoplasmosis.  Believe it or not, because of the fiber of this plant it also is known to treat in obesity because it is said to decrease how much fat and cholesterol the body absorbs.

Lucky for you, your bff there is a recipe for you below to try out!

Metaphysical Uses of Jobs Tears

Unfortunately this plant has winded up with no gender that I could find so it falls outside of our m/f lineup. Ironically, this seed is known by the name Job with a reference to Job from the bible. Job is known for his patients and never giving up and having faith that his needs would be met. Lucky for you this is the spirit that is ingrained more in you than any other (well maybe second to love).

I use it so much it would be wrong of me not to steer you to it.(as much as it would be wrong not to steer you to my Cunningham bible. You will own several over the course of the years because you will give yours to several people. Here - buy one here each time you pass yours on:

Jobs Tears are used for healing, wishes, and luck. In your life you are going to have a LARGE stock of these.  It is said that if you take Jobs Tears and throw them over your left shoulder while making a wish. It is best if you do so into a well hence "wising well" (DO NOT LOOK BACK), your wish will be granted within 7 days. Generally when used, I use in a combination of 3 and 7.  I also use them consistently in lucky mojo bags. Keep a good portion of these on hand at all times. Do more research, try and perfect.

As far as wishes go, I think just writing about this has granted one of mine. I put my foot down with Toby. After a month in the hospital and rehabilitation after his stroke he is leaving dishes on the counter above the dish washer. According to him he "can't put away the clean dishes". I firmly said "why not?" and reminded him that he is able and was taught how to do that in the hospital. I then pulled a Shawshank reference and he has now filled the dishwasher. I will take small victories.

Another tip for you, PAY ATTENTION!!! Jobs tears strung on a necklace and worn around your neck will help alleviate toothache. (reason 1 you will love). Made into a rosary, you will have this area covered, though you know better than to wear them as jewelry.

I guess that's about it for this one and now I move onto your K!  Enjoy your day, depending on which one it is - I know I did!

Wishing you wonders,

Bigger Little B


Job's tears and Red Bean Soup

Job's tears - half cup
Red beans - half cup

Optional ingredients can include 
Pumpkin - to treat stomach pain, constipation or diarrhea
Soy bean - to treat water retention in lower legs and feet 
Pear - to treat cough
Lotus seed - to treat insomnia

1. Rinse all ingredients and put in a pot with adequate water. If using a slow heat cooker start off the cooking with boiling water
2. Bring to a boil and lower to medium and cook for one (1) hour or to desired softness.
3. When ready to eat, add honey or organic sugar to taste if preferred.


  1. I had never heard of this until reading your post. The things I learn daily from reading blog posts! After the week I have had, I could do with some Jobs Tears rather than just tears. I am not sure I will be able to find this here, but if I do, I will try out the recipe :-)

  2. I have them in my house at all times for a multitude of reasons! I feel ya on the tears bit, that was my yesterday. See - that's the great thing about Amazon and why I put that link, they go EVERYWHERE!