Friday, March 11, 2016


The kindness and love in people never cease to amaze me. I have recently suffered a major crisis in my family and through the love and kindness of amazing friends and colleagues they have put together this campaign for my husband. Please click the link below for the details of our situation.


Hi ladies. Toby is sleeping right now so I don't know if I have 10 minutes or an hour but I 
wanted to fill you all in on current status. Some info may be repeat so forgive.

We came to the ER in Murfreesboro, TN because he was suffering a migraine. 

We anticipated some pain medication and send him on his way. Unfortunately 
CAT scan showed 14 cm aneurysm in the basal artery feeding his brain. He was 
transferred to the sister St. Thomas hospital here in Nashville that night to the Neuro ICU. 
They did a spinal tap and from that point he started going down hill. 
After suffering a series of strokes and inability to keep his blood pressure down 
they did an angiogram to determine what they were looking at.

Unfortunately the aneurysm instead of being the type 99% of people get where the 

bubble is on one side and they can pack it with coils to try to route blood flow 
around it, the blow outs are on both sides somewhat like the Harry Potter 
deathly hallows symbol of the wand and stone (without the triangle for the cloak lol)

The vein is also twisting. This makes it a very risky surgery, especially due to the b.p.

The Vein Dr., who is the best vein doctor in Nashville (or so he has told us a couple 

dozen times every time he sees us) feels the surgery can not be done now and he 
is not willing until Toby adapts a better attitude. (translates to we don't have 
insurance enough to pay his ego)

He has lost quite a bit of motor function, large majority of his hearing, ability to control 

his eyes (severe double vision and muscle control of the eyes causing severe vertigo).
 He also has lip drop and speech damage.

His spirits are up though and we are taking not one day at a time but one minute at a time.

Unfortunately for us this came at the perfect time for our power to be shut off and we have 

had the apartments put us up for eviction proceedings. Unfortunately with me in transition 
between jobs Toby was the income of the family. Due to it being touch and go I 
have not been able to leave his side nor have I had the mental capacity to figure out 
what is going on outside of this hospital room.

This is the first time I am putting the whole thing out here and I figured i will use it as my 

template to let anyone close know what is going on. I have had a few dozen people ask 
me if there was a site set up so they could send us something but I just truly haven't had 
the ability to set anything up like that. At about 2 hours of sleep a night I am ready for a 
cameo on the walking dead. I know we are not going to make it without someone doing 
that for us, but I honestly don't have anyone to do that for me. HAHA I was tempted to 
put it out on UpWork to get someone just to take one thing off my plate and try to save 
my home. But I digress.

We spoke with the director of another specialty hospital (another sister hospital to this one) 

in midtown Nashville (St. Thomas West) and they are talking about bringing him over there 
because they have better facilities to work with his condition and handle extreme case with
 the aneurysm should emergent situation arise. He is going to petition the board to bring
 Toby there for treatment but we don't know as we don't have insurance without Toby's 
ability to return to work. He was just short of being eligible. His last paycheck was 
deposited today for less than 400 due to partial week so when it is gone, 
we are done and everything we own is gone.

At least now you girls know why I haven't been able to have the creative energy to write, 
though that is one of the only things he keeps saying in his coherent times. 
I need to sit and write. Being an award winning short film maker and having worked 
on the Green Mile set and Jackass 2 - the eternal artist made me actually video tape 
his first physical therapy session today and put it on youtube. lol. At least some things 
don't change.

Sorry this is so long, it feels good just to have my fingers on the keyboard thanks to 

my son bringing my laptop to me and the glory of whatever medication cocktail they 
have given him to let him get some rest. 

I'm off now to pretend to sleep before he wakes up. Will catch up later.


  1. Sorry to hear about all the different things Toby is dealing with especially vertigo. I wish I could help.

  2. Thank you very much John. Unfortunately it is going to be a long time of physical therapy and hard work until his eye muscles can build up strength and if not eliminate the double vision, teach him to live with it.