Wednesday, March 30, 2016

The Unexpected Holiday

Sometimes life throws the unexpected at you. Our anniversary getaway in a nutshell.


Dear Littler B,

Instead of writing a letter to you today, I opted to make a video to show you some of the things to look forward to when you become me. What an exciting adventure that March of 2016 will become for you.

Our adventure took place in scenic downtown Nashville, TN otherwise known as Music City, USA.  Watch the video to learn a bit more about this whirlwind of a trip.

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#Love #Strength #Fight #Win #StrokeAwareness"Together, there is nothing we can't get through."

Please watch the video and share with everyone you can.   Enjoy and keep up the faith, hope, courage and strength. 

Counting our many blessings,

Bigger Little B


Love the video! You don't know how much both me and my better half are pulling for Toby and we don't even know him, that's how good you are:)

This is beautiful,Bridget. What a journey you and Tony have been on. I hope Toby makes a full recovery.

Happy wedding anniversary. You are so strong. I wish your family the best. I cannot pretend to imagine what you are going through. We all need to stop and count our blessings every single day.

Thank you so much Heidi & Hubby! Good? I just am who I am and hope that's enough.

Thank you Tania, we are hoping and praying that he will recover most of his functionality. No clue what at this point will be lasting and what will fade over time. Thank you for the well wishes.

Thank you very much Sheri, it is so true - you never know when the unthinkable will happen. Treasure every moment. Much love.

What Toby has that not many people can say the same is love. I hope he gets better and better soon!

Happy Anniversary! Your love for each other makes every day's challenges conquerable. You've got an enviable hospital out there. I'm not aware of any pet friendly one in my country. I hope we have soon because they are therapeutic. I'll be including your family in my prayers. My dad will be admitted to the hospital next week and will undergo a major operation. How I wish we have a lovely hospital like that.

Robert, Thank you so much for that. He has always to be been the personification of love, hence the return of that love is so very easy. We WILL get through this somehow.


Thank you Roselle, yes the hospital has been amazing. We came in through the St. Thomas' in our town and moved on to their sister hospital on one end of Nashville and then transferred to yet a third of the chain for rehabilitation. One of the biggest things he was missing was our puppy at home so it is such a blessing that they recognize therapy animals. They do make such a very big difference in outlook all around. Healing begins inside with the attitude.

Here I am again , you know how much I love your posts about your 'burdens' and how brilliant you cope with all this ! And I again must say , how much respect I have for women like you ! Looking forward to the next one . Shared and spread the word as always , my very little I can do in supporting you both !

My wife and I are currently on holiday for our 2nd wedding anniversary. This video made me a little sad at first but realizing its true message, I feel happy seeing two people bound by unconditional love for each other. Just like you, I would do the same for a loved one. Kudos also to the hospital for allowing pets. I hope your husband recovers soon.

The video shows such an optimistic approach to an otherwise depressing situation. I love your positive outlook, it is infectious. Just watching it makes me happy, it is quite touching. I love that they pets are allowed there, everyone can use some love from the animals.

Sorry to make you sad Ivan! Love truly is what binds us above all else. No matter what it takes I will do everything in my power to take care of him.

Thank you Marjorie! I am shocked that people are stunned by Zack the therapy dog. He was amazing! Kathy is an amazing volunteer who brings him around to those who can not leave the hospital. What a difference he makes in their spirits!

Sending you so many positive vibes and hoping Toby recovers quickly! Happy Anniversary by the way and I loved the video, your humour is very good! Xx

Thank you Georgia, We are hoping for as much of a recovery as possible. They say by six months what will heal, will heal and the rest will be learning to live with the new normal. Thank you about the humor compliment. If we can't laugh I don't know how we will get through this.

What you're going thru right now is not permanent. Mentioning you and Toby in a prayer. Happy anniversary!

I have watched the entire video and you know what I noticed? It is the positive approach you had in every situation and that's what I admire the most...I am also battling with an illness and you just gave me hopes that evrything will get better soon
I will pray for Toby's full and fast recovery

Thank you so much BlueDreamer. That is exactly what I am hoping to maintain in this whole time and I have to be the courage for both of us. Little by little things will be better. Hold on tho that!

All the best for Tobi from all of us here in Delhi.It sure is an innovative way of sending your message through video and blogs.

Thank you so much Swayam! We are actually trying to do this for his therapy as much as mine. He is one who has always done amateure videos and has even won awards for it. This is why we chose this format. Trying to keep faith and keep putting one foot in front of the other.

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