Sunday, April 3, 2016

Theme Reveal - Let the games begin...

Dear Littler B,

I wanted to write to you here as a heads up.  With everything going on with your husband, you have lost a bit of yourself.  Over a month ago I accepted a challenge that the pre-stroke us could have handled without a blink, the post-stroke me has decided that it is something I MUST do for my own sanity.  I will still keep you up to date here and there with how Toby is doing, however I do know I have messed with the space-time continuum already so much by telling you what I have up to now.

To make good on commitments we have made and to get myself back in the game with my letters to you in a huge way. I have accepted not just 1 challenge, but 2.

Crazy 4 Blogging Facebook Group. COME CHECK US OUT!!!!

My friends (and I most definitely consider them that at this point) who I have met and formed a "Girl Tribe" starting with one of the most wonderful virtual friends I have made thus far Heidi @ WomanPulse, as well as another Miranda @ JKLMNAdventure. These girls will be a big support through all of this when you get through the decades and become me.

After brainstorming in our little group we opted to make a larger, more public writing group (blogging specifically, though you won't hear that term for a couple decades) that focuses on encouragement, help and promotion of each other's writing. (When they develop Facebook, come check it out!!

1. Crazy4Blogging Weekly Challenge - Good Health

2. A Post A Day - A to Z

I have also accepted an A-Z challenge through Blogging from A to Z where my posts each day start with the corresponding letter of the alphabet.  Today is April 3 so I am 3 letters behind, but in the next 24 hours I will rectify that situation and go into maintaining mode.

     A to Z Challenge

    This is going to push us to the limit of our creative ability thus far in letter writing.  Luckily,  challenge 1 is only once a week, so for that day I will be combining the challenge from Crazy4Blogging with my A-Z challenge for the month of April in letters to you so that I do not divert from my true intent. This should be relatively easy as my intention was to teach you dear younger me about things to come. I will be doing that in teaching you about things that you will go on to teach,  

    Herbs - Practical and Metaphysical Uses

    Don't get worried dear littler me, I will continue to keep you up to date on the other situations that are happening now. I will make sure to do a couple posts a day when I can so that when you do become me, you will be well prepared in as many areas as I can prepare you for.

    As always, the wisest words I can leave you to live by...

    "Never stop challenging yourself"



    Bigger Little B.

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