Friday, April 8, 2016

E is for Eyebright...

Dear Littler Me,

Well, here I am to you, as usual, a few days late. I am here none the less. We are up to the letter E which should have been posted two days ago, so tonight I will go back into catchup mode and get right down to it.

Tonight E is one that you are going to be using a lot over your coming years on the metaphysical side so you might as well learn a bit about both the metaphysical and the numerous practical uses.

is for Eyebright

Origin & Identification

Eyebright, otherwise known as Euphrasia is generally found in the areas of Europe, North America, Western and Northern Asia. It is especially found in snowy areas. It generally grows short and in grassy areas up to the neighborhood of  8" high. It flowers in whites and purples.

Practical Uses of Eyebright

I have to admit that while I have used eyebright many times for the metaphysical aspects, I had never realized until researching for this letter that it had so many practical uses. Never forget dear little me, the wise words of Socrates

"True knowledge exists in knowing that you know nothing" - Socrates

The earliest mention of the medicinal properties of Eyebright comes from the 1300's.  It was known as an herb that could cure any ailment associated with the eye hence euphrasia's more common name of "eyebright".

It had been found that when used in a poultice on the eyes it acted as an anti-inflammatory (which means it will reduce puffy eyes and bags under those English eyes of yours).  It also will help with conjunctivitis - you may not know that name yet at your age but I promise you know all those times you've suffered "Pink Eye"!

 I will tell you right now dear young one, this little recipe will come in very handy for you, one who is very prone to pink eye and styes. Brew some eyebright tea, mix over a tincture (click here for great instructions on making a tincture) to dilute. Once it cools to a comfortable temperature use as eye drops, 3-5 drops at a time. Eyebright is also used as an eyewash and eyedrops for overtired eyes. If making the eyedrops are too much work, you could always buy them below through my affiliation program with Amazon. (This is only one example - click to see more!)

The anti-inflammatory properties of Eyebright can be applied to other areas as well. It has been helpful in bronchitis, upper respiratory infections, and nasal conditions.

Metaphysical Uses for Eyebright

Eyebright is known as a masculine herb which is associated with the sun and the element air.  Like it's name, it is known to aid in "opening the eyes" mentally and psychically.

Eyebright is used for clearing the mind and can be brewed as a tea and drinking prior to going to sleep to help you focus your dreaming on matters that you are concerned with and are too cluttered by day to see a clear path.  In the same way, applying the tea at a tollerable temperature to cotton-balls prior to sleep (besides feeling as amazing as laying back with those cucumbers) will help you "see the truth" of situations.

Eyebright also aids in memory and can be used when doing work that involves repressed memories or past life regression.

One of my favorite uses of this particular dried herb when dealing with someone who seems to not be seeing things clearly.

  1. Take a photo of that person where you can clearly see their eyes.
  2. Place photo on a black cloth so as to not allow distraction within from the outside.
  3. Sprinkling the herb while you focus on looking them in they eye repeat
        "Eyes Bright, Eyes Wide, Open Up and See Inside" 
  4. Repeat this chant while placing a mirror over the photo and herbs and fold firmly in cloth. 
  5. Tie these together so that they will not come lose
  6. Place in a secure place within your home until the situation comes to a head.

    You will find the person more open to reason and truth as opposed to acting out of passion or arrogance. Once the circumstance has passed, burn photo, cloth, tie and herbs in bright sun releasing them back to the air / ether. 

Well that has been a mouthfull and a half so I will leave you with this. I apologize for going on however, as mentioned earlier this is one of my favorite herbs that I use often (lots of pigheaded people out there my dear)

I had planned to write several to you today but it is very late after having spent quite a bit of time at the ICU. I promise to catch up more tomorrow.

In love and exhaustion,

Bigger Little B


  1. Wow! Never heard of that. I love these posts about herbs as I am against medication. More things for me to buy.

  2. Thank you Heidi! Eyebright is one that I use quite often. I'm so glad to hear you are enjoying my posts. I have the skeleton for the whole series but have been crazy as you know so taking me longer than I want to get each up. Hopefully G&H will be up tomorrow!

  3. Definitely learned a lot with this one my dear. Loved what you've added.

  4. Thanks Heather! As you know this is one of my favs. I think way back when this was one of the first I taught you guys with the mirrors.